About Region Sörmland

Region Sörmland are working on residents' behalf and are governed by elected politicians who are elected every fourth year. Our main mission is health, medical and dental care as well as regional development.

Information about healthcare

What we do

Healthcare is the dominant activity in Region Sörmland. Our mission is to provide high quality public health care on equal terms for the entire population in Sörmland. Region Sörmland coordinates public and private healthcare in Sörmland. Region Sörmland operates both primary care and hospital care.

We also: 

  • coordinate publicly financed dental care in Sörmland, which is provided both public and private
  • coordinate regional development issues and lead the work with creating a Regional Development Strategy, RUS.
  • coordinate and work closely with many other public and private players to develop trade, and industry and to increase growth in Sörmland.
  • plan and coordinate infrastructure initiatives in Sörmland.
  • plan, coordinate and purchase public transport in Sörmland.
  • provide a wide range of cultural activities in Sörmland.
  • provide different types of education.

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